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Rexter professional

For business professionals who want to
increase their productivity horsepower.

  • Instantly puts your daily workflow in focus
  • Integrate unlimited accounts (Exchange, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Full relationship history on each contact card
  • Collects and indexes contact updates in real time
  • Mobile call sheet for iPhone, Android and Blackberry
groups of 10+

Rexter workgroups

Perfect for departments, project teams
and entire companies.

  • Same great features as the professional plan with added manageability for enterprising workgroups:
  • Custom integrations like VoIP office telephony *
  • Team activity measurement, reporting and benchmarking **
  • Relationship tarnsparency, including centralized network overview with relationship scores **
  • One free admin-level account for managing your workgroup
  * Custom integrations may require additional charges
** Available Spring 2013

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