The smartest list in the world.

Give your brain a break. Let Rexter do the thinking for you.

Who you know and
how well you know them…

Rexter consolidates your contacts and interactions from multiple sources.

VoIP Telephony
Apple IOS

Be alerted automatically.

Stop setting reminders and BCCing yourself to remember to follow up.

The list reorders as
you interact with others.

Make sure you
reach your objectives.

Organize and prioritize your business
activities around your goals.

Have all the information
you need at your fingertips.

Relationship strengths, progress meters, follow-ups,
and full interaction histories for each of your contacts.

Contextual prompts
make sure you don't forget.

Record follow-ups while they're top-of-mind.
Each week our users manage

2000 Emails
30 Calls
20 Meetings

Always know who you
should be talking to today.

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