Rexter helps an insurance broker strategically build and mobilize relationships to drive sales

Greg Hughes
Vice President

About the Company

Poms & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc. is a full-service insurance brokerage firm including commercial insurance, employee benefits, corporate wellness, personal lines, and risk management and risk control. The firm has offices in California, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington.

Greg Hughes, Vice President at Poms & Associates, uses Rexter to stay organized while generating new business.

Poms & Associates executives need to juggle thousands of names that are stored in emails, address books and contact databases. Greg Hughes, Vice President at Poms & Associates, says, "We've tried all these other tools and they've been bitter disappointments − Rexter is the first one that really 'gets' our business. With the other tools we would spend two hours every Friday morning pumping data into the system so that management would have their reports, but it did nothing for us in terms of generating business.

"The key to my business is staying in touch with prospects and centers of influence. Rexter is the perfect tool for helping me measure and manage my strong relationships." "Rexter is the perfect solution because it lets me see the most important people right away so I can set a priority for them. It also gives me the discipline to call the people I need to talk to because I receive a 'call sheet' every day that lets me know which calls to clients or referral sources are the most critical. It's no longer like finding a needle in a haystack. As an added bonus, we can all get the information we need on all of our devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

"Most systems, like Outlook, treat all contacts the same, but the reality is that I have different types of products − in fact, I currently have 15 categories ranging from existing clients to private equity organizations to appraisers. Rexter helps me prioritize them so that I'm focusing on the relationships that mean the most for me. As an example, one of my current projects includes over 190 contacts, which is incredibly easy to manage with Rexter. It's a great tool for me and for our organization. It does take a little bit of time to learn, but I can tell you that in my career as a professional salesperson Rexter is a big leap forward. It's a great tool and I use it every day."

Rexter CEO Andy Wilson says, "We created Rexter for professionals whose relationships drive their success. First, it guides users to strategically build & mobilize relationships at just the right time to achieve specific goals like hitting a revenue target or launching a business. Rexter also provides tools − such as automatic event synching, list tracking − that are missing in contact aggregation tools and CRM."

There are a number of tools that help people organize their professional contacts, but there's a massive gap between existing contact-collection tools like LinkedIn and CRM tools such as Rexter's web and mobile Professional Relationship Management (PRM) app fills the void. Rexter guides users to develop, nurture and mobilize relationships to achieve specific business goals. Rexter is the first company to deploy a scientific, mathematical calculation of relationship strength that lets users know the most valuable people to call today.