As a sales VP, you know that your enterprise CRM should provide more value, but you can barely get your sales team to keep their pipelines up to date. Rexter360 is the solution. By simply integrating your CRM with Rexter360, you gain instant transparency and insight into workgroup activity down to the individual level. Rexter360 delivers automatic real-time activity data from the field into your CRM, finally giving you the data and analytics you really need.

Rexter360 was uniquely designed to address the challenges plaguing today's hyper-connected sales teams.

"CRM systems are [often] ineffective because adoption rates are low and employees simply are not using them. "

JLee E2BEnterprise

Common Challenge Solution
Sales people are too busy to enter data into CRM Real-time, automated activity logging - no manual entry required
Inflexible CRM process vs. real life sales cycle Total engagement history, unlimited touch-points
It is difficult to determine commission splits and account assignments Relationship scoring - who knows who and how well
Accuracy of forecasts based on subjective reporting Automatic activity logging - actual real time data, no inflated numbers
Reason for under-performing team member(s) Activity benchmarking and leaderboards help determine if poor performance is due to lack of effort or skill